Find out the beauty and charm of Wetetnagami lake. Live an unforgettable fishing or hunting trip and proudly go home with your great catches and gourmet souvenirs of a dream vacation. 

The huge territory of the Wetetnagami Outfitter with all those rivers and littles water plan is the best spot for moose hunting. Furthermore, eager to diversify our services for our customer satisfaction, Wetetnagami Outfitter offers a unique black bear hunting experience too.


Enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience at the beautiful Wetenagami Lake. This impressive lake that counts many islands will provide you the quality walleye fishing that will meet your highest expectations!  

The St-Pere River, and the Wetetnagami River are amazing locations for the spring fishing.  Later in the season you will appreciate the islands on the lake the diversified geography and underwater structures of the majestic Wetetnagami Lake. 


From mid-may to late fall, enjoy the northern pike fishing on the Wetetnagami Lake. With its natural aggressiveness, the pike has a trend to attack every prey passing close to its hiding place. In fact it is possible to catch the pike with every fishing technique.  You will then be able to appreciate, almost every time, a very good meal made of your own pike catches.


Each of the Outfitter’s bear-hunting site is frequently baited before your arrival. Sites are also equipped with refurbished tree stands to facilitate observation of your prey.

The black bear hunting package includes the transport from the reception camp to the baited site, evisceration and skinning and transport of the animal back to the reception camp. You will always be in radio contact with our team to assure your security.


The Outfitter is located in zone 13, an area renowned by moose hunters. This site has never been a victim of an improper pressure on the moose. That is why the territory of Wetenagami can offer you an incomparable hunting potential. We maintain your hunting chances by limiting the number of access. Whether your hunting method is with a bow or a riffle, you are welcome to the Wetetnagami Outfitter!

The Outfitter’s territory also benefits from a great diversity of small games such as ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, duck, goose and woodcock.


14 feet Princecraft Yukon boats with a Yamaha 15 HP motor are available for rent directly on site. It will be a pleasure for us to prepare the watercraft and to help for the launching directly at our easily accessible boat launch. 

If you travel with your own seaplane, you can land at the dock of the reception camp or at specific camps (Julien and East).


In addition to the great hunting and fishing location of the Wetetnagami Outfitters, many other outdoor activities are offered:

Bluberry picking starting mid-august





You would like to come on a trip at the Outfitter without hitting the road to get there? You must know that we are offering a charter aircraft transportation service with departures from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec airports. It will be a pleasure for us to book your return flights and introduce you to the wonderful Wetetnagami Lake from the sky. 

*Prices are available upon request, based on your needs.