Located 80 kilometres East of Lebel-Sur-Quévillon, Wetetnagami Outfitter, named after the lake it borders, spreads out on over 22 kilometers of greenery and magnificent landscapes.

Wetetnagami outfitter’s camps are located on the shores of this large lake that will assure the serenity and tranquility of your trip. The main office of the Wetetnagami Outfitter is accessible by car. This is where you will meet our guides. They will be pleased to prepare the boat with which you will cross the lake to reach your camp on the shore of this magnificent water plan. The transit takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

During your stay, you can rely on our team. They will ensure security on the land. Their knowledge of the area combined with their hunting and fishing experience are great assets for them to guide you. The Wetetnagami team as at heart the preservation of the local territory and act with great care, starting with wildlife and vegetation.

For your safety, please take note that the closest hospital is located in Lebel-sur-Quevillon, less than 82 kilometers away. Doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The guides at the Outfitter received a first aid training and a defibrillator is available on site.



We are passionate by nature. Each year, we are looking for a place to go fishing where we will find peace and tranquility in wide open spaces.

When we discovered the Wetetnagami Outfitter, we had found a place where these three elements are in symbiosis. Vacations at Wetetnagami is a moment in a place where human being did not alter its environment.  This large lake allows you to stroll in great peace of mind. It’s large sandy bays will make you dream.

Each and every day of your trip, you will discover how nature reigns. You will be amazed by the beautiful starry nights as there is no light pollution in the area. You will only see thousands and thousands of stars shinning above. 

Furthermore, you will tackle the fish at every fishing excursion and catches are always good.

Since three years, we book our vacations to come to this amazing place. The first year we only took one week and we are now going for two weeks because we find the peacefulness we need to better withstand city life.

We were dreaming of a place where silence is king and where the only noise is nature. We found that at Wetetnagami Outfitter.

Alain and Julie, Blainville

I had the pleasure to stay at the Wetetnagami Outfitter for one week last September with two friends of mine. Wow! Fishing beautiful walleyes in the cold and limpid water of Wetetmagami lake. The pristine landscape of boreal forest has been an unique renewal experience that has exceeded our expectations. Facilities are very well maintained, our guides were warm-hearted and caring and the catches… were there! What a pleasure!  We are going back next year!

Denis Larose, Montreal